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We've made this little audiocomic just for you. Please listen to it… if you dare!

As your happy haunting host, I do want to urge you not to listen to this all alone in the DEAD of night.

Some have not heeded my words of advice, and were never heard from again. Of course, Billy might have had something to do with that. You see, he's desperately looking for someone to play with. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.


About Bang Zoom! Audiocomics

Creating pictures with sound has been one of our greatest passions for over 20 years. We've finally combined our love of telling stories through audio with our love for comic books in this new series of #audiocomics. We hope you enjoy this first one as much as we've enjoyed creating it. From script to casting to recording to sound design and scoring to final mix… freshly "printed" from our studios straight to your ears. (Hope you washed 'em!) And if we manage to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up as you begin to realize what is about to unfold... well, we've done our job.

Stay tuned for more of our THE STRANGE THING ABOUT… series of audiocomics coming to this exact spot by the end of the year.

About Bang Zoom! Studios

We're an Emmy® Award winning post production studio in Burbank, California. We specialize in handcrafted anime dubs and audio for video games, animation of all sorts and top rated network TV shows and film festival films. Some of our credits include Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel's Spider-man, Amazon's Lost in Oz, NCIS, Supergirl, The Flash, Mattel's Barbie, LEGO Friends, Shopkins, Resident Evil: Vendetta, One Punch Man, Sword Art Online, Hunter X Hunter, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, Mob Psycho 100, Friday the 13th: The Game, Ace Combat 7 and King's Quest…

Goodbye… for now…